Give Him Praise - Blog 923

02/11/2018 09:04

Hello friend!

This is entry number 923.

If you have been reading since the first blog entry, it would stand to reason you are a believer or a seeker.

My prayer for readers has been they cull one Holy Word or sentence that speaks to their heart and mind and is a stepping stone along the Path of Knowledge.

Maybe it could be a "stone of remembrance" that is held in the heart to give confidence or consolation in hard times.

Our Lord wants us to have Godly Confidence in Him.

He desires that we know we can have Godly confidence in Him and His Word.

This Godly confidence in Him should elicit praise from our hearts and minds, for His Work in our lives.

Have things fallen into place in your mind and heart to where you have an understanding of Who He Is?

Where before your conscious self did not know God was all these great and wonderful things?

When the conscious mind agrees that God is Who His Word says He is, our heart changes.

When the heart realizes that God Is Who He says He is in His Holy Word, we are able to let down walls that have protected us.

The heart learns He is trustworthy no matter what our circumstances, and how things are being worked out in our lives.

Through it all He is Trustworthy.

We can look to Him and His Word to guide and direct our path, knowing He sees all, and has a Grand Purpose that if we will but just fall in line with it, our heart filled with love for Him, things will work out for our good, because His Word (The Holy Bible) says so.

Praise then becomes the next thing. It bursts from our lips because the heart is full and the mind, satisfied.

Friend, I encourage you to have a long conversation with God. 

Approach Him with words of praise for Who He Is to you, and thanksgiving for how He Loves you, His Provision, Healing of your mind and heart and all the things pertaining to you.

Thank Him for Perfect Holy Forgiveness, allowing His Son to be a Sacrifice for your sins, and make all your requests be known to Him.

Allow Him to work in your spirit, giving you a knowing of how your circumstances and your requests sit with Him.

Be in agreement for whatever He Wills and have peace that He is working all things together for His Good in you.

What could be better?