Give Thanks

19/02/2016 11:43

Friend, look around there must be something to give thanks for, to God.

You woke up this morning. Give thanks!

Many of us are suffering in the body from the evil in this world, uprooted from our homelands, sicknesses, war, discriminations, but we must look inward to the soul and spirit and be thankful to God that we have another day to connect with Him.

Today is a new day and His Mercies and Grace for today are new once again.

He offers you His Love again. Will you accept it?

Will you recognize that the Father's Son died for you to have eternal life with Him when this body is worn out and can no longer exist?

Give thanks as you dwell for a few minutes in repose thinking about Who God Is, and what He has done for you in making a Way especially for you.

He loves us individually. Each of us has the opportunity to know Him personally. This is what He desires; to know you personally. He wants that personal relationship with you.

In thankfulness, we draw close to Him.