Give Thanks

06/06/2018 21:38

In 1986, a songwriter called Don Moen released an album called "Give Thanks."

The first line directs us to "Give thanks with a Grateful Heart."

This one line pleases God very much.

No matter what is going on in our life if we can humble ourselves to honour God with thanks, He is obligated by his Own Law and Will to listen to us, to look upon us as His little children coming to Him to say "thank You, Father God."

How happy we are as parents to hear our little ones thank us for something we have done for them; why not our Heavenly Father Who gives Life?

Today, look to God with a humbleness, that realizes He is Almighty and He has given us human life, a soul, and spirit, His Son to atone for our sins, and the Holy Spirit to guide and direct, teach and love us. His Son is our Saviour/Redeemer at the Father's behest. The Three have a Plan for us and it is Good because They are Good.

Everything God does is Perfect. He is incapable of making a mistake or being imperfect; but we are, yet He is Willing to forgive us should we enter into a relationship with His Son, our soul and spirit fully believing that He died for our sin against The Father.

Never doubt God. He is not deserving of such thoughts. Always think "What is God saying to me? What is He telling me? What does He want me to do?" 


Holy Spirit help me interpret God's Will. I want to be walking through this life in God's Will. I believe in Him. I realize, He is Perfect in all He does. Help my unbelief. I want to be strong in all He wishes for me to do and say. Guide and direct my paths and fulfill the Plan of God for me. Do not let me stumble but keep me on the Path of Righteousness. In Jesus's Name and according to His Will. Amen.