God Does The Choosing

12/02/2016 11:45

Friend, it is God who does the choosing.

It is He who has chosen you. It is He who has brought you to this place, this day, this frame of mind, no matter what it is.

Perhaps you are feeling unloved. It is He who has allowed you this feeling and it is He who is calling you to  Himself to reveal His Son to you and show you Love Eternal and Complete; that you may have it for yourself.

He will fill the emptiness. He will heal the depression. He Loves.

He knows all your ways. He has seen all you have done and what you plan to do. He is waiting for you to look to Him for Love.

He has chosen you to be loved by Him.

It is you who have not given Him the permission to do so.

He is waiting. Always waiting while we live - even at the deathbed.

The time is now. Don't hesitate. Don't allow another second of bad thinking or bad choices to take hold of your soul and spirit.

God is Merciful while you live. You don't know how much time you have. But, God does!

Get rid of the unlovable areas of your life. Identify them and one by one, place them at the foot of the Cross of Jesus. Allow Him to burn them up in the Perfect Presence of His Love.

He has chosen you; will you yield?