God Glorified

30/07/2018 21:34

Friend, to follow Jesus and to do His Will is to glorify Him.

Seek to be a born-again Christian. There are many Christians of the world who do not follow Jesus or have a personal relationship with Him.

Many people say they are Christians; and Jesus will separate his sheep from the goats and the wheat from the chaff at the Judgement.

Seek to be a sheep or the wheat!

Yes, many say "I was baptised as a baby; therefore I am a Christian." ( And other such sayings.) No, you may claim the Christian faith but unless you have a personal relationship with Jesus and you believe He is God, and He died for your sins and rose again, to be with the Father among other claims of His Holiness, then He will not be able to recognize you when you call on Him, nor will you know His Voice when he calls His people to Him. 

He has said it and it is so!

Our friends and family know us, they are aware of our faults and even some of our sins; but when they see the change in us that comes from our Salvation experience, they will know that something Good has happened to us.

Yes, perhaps they will grow weary of our new ways of speaking, of dealing with issues and problems; of hearing constantly about our Lord and Saviour (whom they do not know) but inwardly they know there has been a change in us. The Holy Spirit will surround them to convict them of your new heart.

For one; we know God is with us in the everyday goings on, of our lives. He is guiding and directing our paths onto the Righteous Path as we listen to Him prompting our conscience; showing our minds that to do "that" is not Lawful for us.

His Word tells us that we should never doubt His Word. Therefore we have a Gift from Him, His Word, that will help us everyday of our lives; through the tough times and through the happy times.

He asks us to be persistent and consistent in our walk of Righteousness in this life.

This world offers us many cleansing experiences, many trials to test our faith; many tribulations to solidify our beliefs, many sorrows to prove our love for God; many losses to see where our heart lies - with the things of this world; material things of the world, or with the things of God.

This life is a Gift. Do not squander it; nor cut it short .

Get to know Him through reading the Bible. Start in the New Testament and when you know Who Jesus is then you should read the Old Testament where you will find confirmation through the writings of the prophets, the genealogy of Jesus and the Ways that God provided and taught His chosen people that show his Power over the elements among other things.

Walk with Him daily from waking to going to bed each evening.

Let your thoughts be centered on Him and not yourself.

His Strength is ours at any time we need it.

We should not fear or have anxiety or panic attacks because He is in control of all things and He loves us. 

If it is a fire we have to walk through, we should have no fear because He will be in the fire with us and it will not harm us.

We should never worry at all. God is in control. His Will is going to be done. His Law cannot be moved by any force; any excuse or any evil plan.

He is Glorified when we trust Him with our heart and mind.

We should know His Name and not be ashamed to say it, so that when we call for Him; He will answer.


All will be well.