God Is Good

05/09/2016 21:50

Friend, for Almighty Father to be God over all things, He must be Good, All Powerful, and Pure in all He creates and does.

His Law must be Perfection with no loopholes, Holy and Whole.

His Love must be Pure, Holy and All encompassing over everything that could possibly happen. No surprises.

He must know the beginning from the end of all things, He  must imagine and bring into being, perfect the first time. He must make no mistakes.

Friend, there is none like Him, no not one. He gives us free Will as a Gift and expects because according to His Law we love Him, we will rather walk in His Will, but allows for us to follow after our own will, which is tainted by evil.

He does not want unwilling souls in the Kingdom.

He is the Supreme Being and His Will is perfect and will be carried out.

He knows all things, what is going to happen and how to put in place the perfect scenario to accomplish His Will.

There is no turning from the Truth for Him. He personifies all Truth and Love.

He is Light and there is no darkness in Him. He does not cast a shadow the Bible (His Word to us) says.

How then does man exist with all his foibles, his weaknesses, his evil intents, a mind that wants to have it's own way, make it's own choices, and mistakes, one that does not wish to obey the Law and does not love all creatures and Creation itself, but woud rather exploit what God has given us and is greedy and warmongering.

Humans are selfish and want things their way even at the cost of murder and other crimes against his neighbour.

It is because of the evil one.

Just know that God, He is Goodness Personified. He can do no wrong. He does not make mistakes.

We are the ones who make mistakes, errors, and choose evil ways.

But God has made a Way for us to be Forgiven.

For those who will not admit they are in need of Forgiveness, He allows in His Goodness for them to choose that path even though it leads to an eternal life lived away from His Presence where there is no Light, Holy Law, Protection, Love, Peace and Joy and a Purposeful future with Him.

That is a free will choice that He has granted to the souls of this earth who choose this path.

Personally I cannot see any value in choosing my free will over God's Will. I choose to walk in His Will and have the covering of the Holy Spirit to help me with the consequences of my past choices made when I walked in my own will.

I give all my allegiance to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit becuse He has revealed to me His Goodness and it so Perfectly Pure in my soul that I know He will deal with my sins according to Holy Law and the Blood of Jesus Who was a sacrifice for my sins, covers all of them and the father sees me as Whole, my debt being paid by Christ, His Son.

Evil's plans have been thwarted by the Father's Plan to redeem all those who would look to Him and see His Goodness.

The Holy Spirit works day and night with our spirit to reveal God's goodness and you can be assured when you stand at the Judgement you will be reminded of each time you rejected God's Offer of eternal Life with Him in the Kingdom.