God Is In Control

10/04/2016 21:42

Friend, never doubt that God is in control of all that is.

He controls evil by limiting their power. For His Purposes they have a little time left and they have some minor powers that God uses to bring about His Grand Purposes that will be revealed to us in the afterlife at the Great Judgement.

We will see then how Wonderful and Mighty and Majestic and Powerful He is and How loving and Kind and Just He has been to evil and alll those who have followed after evil.

I want to be on His side. He is the winner and there is no way He cannot win. He is God, perfect in all His Ways. Never has He made a mistake.

Think about it. He is the Great Judge and He is Just. He created Law and owns it so He interprets it perfectly.

We only see as through a dark glass what is really happening around us. God has designed things this way for His Purpose.

To Him, we only need to know a certain amount of things. To those who prove their Love and Loyalty to Him, He reveals more and more as we go through life. It's like the big University of Truth and Wisdom ( unlike the earthly universities)  that we get to attend for free. It's a Free Will Gift allowed for all who say "Yes, I believe in You and your Word, Father God."

God in in control and He is to be Trusted and Loved. His Beauty of all that He is, is so magnificent that to deny it is folly indeed for one's soul.

Hop on board the train that is daily leaving the station until God says, that's it. We do not know the time or place when that will be so best to get on board now! There is always plenty of room, but don't delay.

Think on these things, read through the entries in this blog and hear the Spirit calling and speaking to you, and don't deny your soul it's rightful place in the Kingdom of God with all the joyful and loving believers in the Messiah, Jesus the Christ.