God Is Merciful

09/09/2014 09:25

Dear friend

God is Merciful!  He has chosen us (you).

Only His Mercy can bring forth a good character in us.

This world seeks to lead us astray from the moment we are born.

By the time we reach our teenage years we have become bullied by the world and we have developed some lies which we see as truth for the foundation of our life.

We see this even in the homes of families with parents who both practise the Christian faith - even pastor's kids grow up to be atheists and unbelievers.

We have elements in our nature which strive for ascendancy and stature.  Mostly, we allow them to rise up and grow not realizing until it is too late that they have taken over our lives.  Of course, in truth, we allowed it. We enjoyed it. We embraced it. We even took it further and tested it out to the highest degree!

During this time, God has Mercy on us and we are walking in His Grace.  He is at work in the spiritual realm adjusting and creating new ways for us to find Him and reconnect with Him and learn of Him so that we can see that He is the One we are truly searching for.  He wants us to see that He offers so much more than evil does.

This very blog may be the means.  Don't overlook it and shut the door.  Explore to your heart's content. 

What will it cost you?  What can you gain?

It will cost you nothing and can gain you everything your heart desires.

Our self defeating ways produce what we see as punishment but it is actually just a readjusting of the scales of Justice.

Stop now and look back at the past and see where it has brought you.  Look inward and see where your soul is standing and in what state your spirit is in.

Make the readjustment now and thank Him for His Mercy and Grace which is new to us every morning.

Bless you!