God Is Not A Man

20/07/2018 21:56

Friend, do not make the mistake of believing that God thinks or acts, as we would.

He is Omnicscient and Omnipresent. 

We will fall over in shock when we see Him.

He will be amazingly beautiful beyond what we can imagine.

We will instantly know that he is the Creator of mathematics, all the sciences we now know, and many more "sciences" we have not ever thought about. His Mind will be beyond our imaginings. He will think and immediately it will be so. Music will be flowing from Him at all times, so beautiful that our souls will be yearning for Him.

We will understand in one instant in His Presence, that He is The Almighty Great I Am; who holds our future in His hands.

We will see His Love for all He has created, His Love for us. We will see His Sacrifices for us, the Plans He had for us, the Forgiveness for our sins. We will see His Handiwork in our lives on earth where He changed the course of events to protect us, to help us and to grow us.

We will see He is Just and Righteous; never breaking any Law in the slightest.

I believe it will be truly overwhelming at the Judgement in Heaven, and many souls will be gnashing their teeth and crying out knowing that to be against Him, is a bitter and soul-painful thing; yet we will also know that He is Righteous, and we have chosen the bitter and painful path away from Him, having been snookered by satan, and we will see that we did know what we were doing when following and accepting the offerings of the evil one.

God does not think as we do. 

He is fully engaged and informed in everything that happens in the whole of Creation, not just our little world, galaxy or universe.

His thoughts are far above ours and He knows the whole picture.

We lie to ourselves; to God and to others. 

It is impossible for us to think up the perfect ways for us to choose, as we do not have the ability to know what is going on in the lives of all around us who we interact with. 

God does. 

He offers us His Holy Spirit to help us.

The Spirit will first guide us to Jesus as our Saviour, for Forgiveness. This cleanses us, from our past sin and makes us whole before the Father. 

The Blood spilt at the Cross is what The Father sees when He looks at the Forgiven one. That Holy Blood shed for a sinner by a sinless Son makes us Right before Him.

He will not deny one of those.

We are all given a chance to repent and ask God for Forgiveness.

God has not forgotten anyone. There is a Law in place for all circumstances; and we know this because He is Good and He is Law.

Today is the day to come to terms with your idea of God.

Who must God be, to be Holy God?