God Is Sovereign

11/03/2016 10:41

Friend, it is important to know intellectually that God is Sovereign in all things; both of this world and the universes and of the unseen world and universes.

It is important to investigate what Sovereign means so that we are able to have full faith in Sovereign God and know that there is no other who can help us.

For instance, "Do things happen by chance, ever?"

With a Sovereign God, the answer is "No!"

In the book "The Invisible Hand"  by R.C. Sproul, I found this sentence and it spoke to me.

If one molecule flies wild by chance, then God is not Sovereign.

This is a place to start your thinking, searching, meditation and understanding of Who God Is. Chance has no power. It is only a word. Luck is the same - no power at all.

When we see accidents or incidents where we perceive someone is lucky or by luck escaped an accident, that is not by chance, but by the Sovereign Will of God.

He does not cause bad things to happen or people to sin, but He allows them to have freewill for His Perfectly Divine and Good Purposes.

By our own intentions, not considering God's Will, we cause things in our life to happen that are out of God's Will for us.

He can cause all things to come to gether for His Good for us when we comply with His Will; allowing Him full rein in our lives. But, when we do our own thing, we push at the time boundary and cause suffering and sadness when we could have a more meaningful life if we cut off our own will and fully immersed our ego in His Will, a lot sooner.

God has an eternal perspective that we do not have.

He is Sovereign.