God Loves Us

20/05/2015 15:47

Friend, God loves us. He tells us so in the Holy Bible.  It is like a love letter.

When you read it, always be asking, "What are You telling me, here, my Lord?"

You will begin to get small "knowing" answers in your mind.  Some will actually hear as if someone has spoken the words. 

Do not be fooled, test those answers against His Word.  Look in the appendix and find other scripture verses that will confirm or deny what you "heard." Try for at least three to find your Truth - the gem of wisdom that He has given you by the Holy Spirit and His Holy angels, who surround you to help you from falling backwards.

He loves us because He sent His Son to be born in the flesh.  Think about that. To leave all that Heaven offers and the Authority, to become a mere man, a baby dependent on others.

Why did Christ do this? Because He loves His creation.  Jesus is the Word who spoke and planets were formed.

He left Heaven to walk among us and experience in the flesh what we experience; sorrow, loss and all things evil throws at us, but He with the knowledge of God's Word, overcame all sin and fulfilled the Plan of God to add to the Law a new covenant or Promise, to men who would believe in the crucifixion and resurrection.

It is up to us to recognize Truth and receive forgiveness and follow the Master through the help of the Holy Spirit who Jesus sent to be with us after He resurrected to be at the right hand of the Father.

Friend, meditate on this to find the Truth He is revealing to you.

I pray for your mind and heart to be touched by the hand of God and the mind of God.  He did it for you and this is your chance to believe and start out on a new path to Heaven and eternal Life  with Christ.

It is pure Love.  He could have just said, forget the earth and it's inhabitants, scrap it and let's start again with purity and holiness. But no, He has made a Way for those who will hear and see Him in the spirit.

That my friend is Love!