God Loves

03/05/2018 22:17

Friend, God loves us.

This is what He wants us to know.

He has given us the ability to figure everything out and to help others along the Path of Righteousness.

He loves all He creates; and He created the human race.

He is Law.

Everything that emanates from Him is held together by all the Law of all that is.

Evil is allowed only because His Law calls for evil to be allowed for a time because of free will; then to be dealt with in the Great Holy Courts of Heaven where Holy Justice will prevail.

He doesn't make mistakes. Some things may look like mistakes to an unbeliever but that doesn't make it Truth.

If we see something wrong and we attribute it to God's doing, we are not correct in that assumption.

God has to be Righteous, and He Is.

If we have doubts, that's when we should begin to search and seek Him; to know Him, so we can receive the answers to our questionable observations about life on earth.

No need to wonder; start seeking Him to see Who He Is.

Billions have and have only glowing things to say!

Know what He must be, to be God.

He must be Good/Righteous; Pure/Love and Truth for starters.

Seek those things to find Him.

There is a Godly Answer.

He gives gifts, too.

One being Free Will from God.

Gifts are to be graciously accepted and cherished; not thrown away or stomped on.

He would love for us to do the Righteous thing with our gifts, but we are enticed by the evil one who is His enemy.

Many of us fall for the wiles of the devil. 

The biggest lie he tells us is, that God does not exist, and Jesus was a nobody.

God knows all that evil says and does, and has made a Holy Acceptable Way for us, to return to His Good Graces in the Plan He set forth in His Law, which is set and cannot be changed; His Son was the Holy Sacrifice for our sin.

We have a Holy Free Will Choice to make; either we believe in the Son or we do not.

The time we have here on earth, is to recognize God and His Plan, The Great Sacrifice and The Son Who God says is the Way, the Life and the Truth.

Friend, I urge you most sincerely for your own soul's sake, do not say that God and His Word are a fairy tale, fantasy, or any like thing.

That may be what you think now, but it is not what your heart knows to be so, because God has designed us to know Him. There's a place in our heart set aside for Him to reside; but we must allow Him to enter.

He will not come in unless freely given access, by us.

You may want it to be a fairy tale; so that you can be correct, or continue sinning, but you must not continue to be closed minded on this one subject.

Your soul's destiny for eternity is at stake.

It's foolish of us to ignore God when all around us He shows signs of His Beauty, Glory, Power, Love, Truth and Magnificence.

That would mean your soul's destiny has been decided, by you, but you will not like the choice you have made, when after your death you find you squandered your opportunity for Freedom during this life.

After death it is too late to start believing.

But, believe you will, when you see the Power, Glory, Splendour, Truth, and Beauty at the Judgement.

It's God's Plan to separate the faithful from the unbelievers at that time, and when examined, the Plan/Law is Perfection so none can point the finger at God to say, He cheated them. 

We will be aware of all the times we turned our back to God.

Many good people will be regretful, sad, angry.

God sees everything, all the time.

And we do not.

He will not forget that we avoided Him continually, as He sought us out to know Him every day we lived in the flesh.

We must acknowledge that He has designed things the way He has for our Good.

Doesn't the fact that He sent His Own Beloved Son, as a Blood Sacrifice, for a bunch of whining sinners so they could be made clean and have a life eternal, and not a death eternally tormented by their own foolishness, show us that He Loves us?

God made a Way for us, showing His Great Love for us while we were sinners!

It is not necessary for us to know how the universes were made, or how the heirarchy of Heaven works or any of the other big questions, before we respect or love God.

He wants us to believe in Him from a stance of humility and innocence; then He reveals what each of us has a right to know.

He asks us to come "as little children."

Instead, humans want to learn everything, whilst trying to fit the "jigsaw puzzle" (our idea) of Who God Is, into our own ideas of who God is.

God asks us to leave all that behind when we come to Him for enquiry.

First He says, "I Am The God of Love. I love you."

Then,  "Come as you are, come with your burdens."