God's Infiite Wisdom

11/04/2016 21:26

Friend, have you acclimated to God's Infinite Wisdom?

Recognizing that He is in Control and His Wisdom is paramount and above all things is the journey of every born again believer.

He holds all of everything that exists in His Hands and under His Will and Holy Law.

He could not be God otherwise, right?

For us to submit willingly and joyously to His Infinite Wisdom is to gain great insight and fluidity in our lives. No stumbling and thrashing about hoping for things to be as we would like them to be, but submitting to His Will in all things.

God could do things differently, He could remove evil from our world, He could heal all our infirmities and never allow any corrupt thing to touch us.

But, it is for His Infinite Wisdom, that he does not.

This shows us that he knows something we do not. He is the Alpha and the Omega and without Him, there is no need for us.

If He ceases to exist so do we.

We should count it all blessing that trials confront us and look immediately to our Saviour for guidance and understanding so that we learn quickly and know that He is for us, therefore in the next trial we have a Holy Armour that will shield us from the onslaught that is sure to come.

These trials and sufferings are designed for us to lose ourselves in God, and to become humble before the Mighty Power of God so that we can have the right attitude towards Him.

Humility and reverent love for Him.

Selfless and willing to serve Him. Not, selfish and willing to serve our own flesh desires for the short term gains.

Perfection takes our lifetime. It is the school of learning to be faithful and believe God.

Stay the course and never give up on God who is faithful to us, having gone to the Cross enduring pain and affliction for us to have eternal life with the Father in the Kingdom of God, amongst the saints and all the Beauty and Truth of Heaven.

We the wicked ones who have been redeemed and accepted the sacrifice for our sins, are cherishd by Almighty God!