God's Love & Law

30/03/2015 10:17

Friend, as a believer we need to never step out from under the "umbrella" of God's Love and Law.

Here are a few verses, strung together from Psalms 119 in the form of a prayer we can use.  It is King David speaking to the Lord in the form of a prayer - one we can use ourselves if we believe the words.

Blessed Lord, teach me Your rules.  I have recited Your Laws and rejoiced in them more than riches. Bless me with life so that I can continue to obey You. Open my eyes to see wonderful things in Your Word.  I cling to Your commands and follow them as closely as I can.  Lord, don't let me make a mess of things.  Help me to prefer obedience - to making money. Turn me away from making any other plan than Yours. Revive my heart for You. Reassure me that Your promises are for me, for I trust and revere You. May I never forget Your words for they are my only Hope. Therefore I will continue obeying You forever and forever, free within the limits of Your Laws. Proud men hold me in contempt for obedience to You, but I stand unmoved. With all my heart, I want Your blessings. Be merciful as You have promised. I used to wander off until You punished me; now I closely follow all you say. You are good and do only good, make me follow Your lead. The punishment You gave me was the best thing that could have happened to me, for it has taught me to pay attention to Your laws. They are more valuable to me than millions in silver and gold. Forever, O Lord, Your Word stands firm in Heaven!