God's Purpose In Our Lives

11/04/2015 08:22

Friend, God has a purpose! 

He is passionately calling you to Him at all times, in every circumstance.

Have you experienced this?

In every circumstance, stop and think, "What is God's Purpose here?" And then be still and listen for the answer. Say to God, "I want to know Your Purpose in this - please reveal it to me" if you do not get an immediate answer.

The answer may be something you do not want to hear but, friend, hear it anyway as a good child and then with the answer you have something to build on.

These words from God come in many forms.  Some are words you hear said plainly to you in your mind yet you have not heard them with your ears.  Many times God uses the Word from the Bible to those who know it. He speaks with more circumstances, He may allow a blow of some kind to get your attention.  You may awake from sleep with an answer.  Only He knows how to teach and guide you and He always uses the perfect way for your soul to learn.

I discovered early in my faith that to follow Him closely was the wisest course.  It cost me less pain - not to say I have not had a big share of pain and suffering already. But, I am ready to run to Him when more comes my way! That's because of sin in my life and generational sins that I had to learn were incorrect thinking, but were put into my head as a child from family beliefs that were taught by osmosis along the generations.

God finds no pleasure in the pain He at times must allow.  It always serves a higher purpose for everyone involved.  If someone is hurt or struck down by sickness and we are in pain because of it, the other person's pain is also being used for their enlightenment.  So we must respect that our loved one is being called by God also, and we must encourage their belief and allow them the freedom to accept Christ.

So many oppose us as we lay on our death beds speaking of Godly matters. And if that loved one has turned their back on God, then we should seek God and ask Him what we should do about that as we want our loved one to be with us in the Kingdom.  This too, is God's Will  for us.

Be faithful, He is leading us all Home.