God's Word Is So Fine

07/07/2015 11:13

Friend, the Word of God is so finely precise, perfect and Holy.

Have you found this to be the case?  If not, I urge you to immerse yourself with an open mind to the reading of the Holy Bible in order to ascertain what most Christians have found to be Truth.

We're all on different levels in our spiritual growth and so some lag behind in their knowledge and some soar ahead, but it is up to people who have found Light, and Love and Life and Truth and Peace and Justness in those chapters and verses to share what they have found.

Let the wise and learned share what the Lord has revealed to them and let it be backed up by the word of God.

If you hear something or read something it is wise to search the scriptures to find out if that in fact is Truth.

I urge all who read this blog to search the scriptures to confirm what is written here.  I deliberately do not give every scripture so that readers will search to find if the Word of God confirms my findings.

If you do not have a Bible or cannot obtain one but have access to the internet, here is a site where you can read the Bible.  https://www.blueletterbible.org

I hope you will find the "finely woven threads of gold" that are the Word of God and pray that the Holy Spirit will enlighten your mind and spirit and speak to your heart of the Truth contained in the words, for you and your circumstances.