Gold, Silver & Gems

10/04/2015 12:16

Friend, the Lord offers us gold, and silver and precious gems in the form of insights and truths for our enlightenment when we are faithful to Him and desirous of learning about Him.

Our unfaithfulness we will see at the end of our life, when He shows us the big pile of hay, wood and stubble that is our legacy from our life on earth.

We can  have something to lay at His feet.  Choose the gems and gold and silver.  Be open to hearing more about Him.  Be open to His voice speaking to you in the daily grind.  Listen to Him in the wind and rain and see Him in the sunshine and joy of others.  He is present in the sorrow and pain and can be asked to heal and comfort those we love.

Be in a "God mode" daily.  Do not be of the world entirely.  Yes, we must be in the world - but we don't have to belong to the world. 

See yourself as belonging to Him and answering to Him and choose your answers according to this principle.

Learn more of Him so you can grow and have a fulfilling spiritual life.  Choose to serve Him as His hands and feet in this world and choose to let Him speak when you are required to accomplish His Will.

Try each day to make better Godly choices.  Don't worry about losing someone else's ungodly opinion of you or the favour they might one day do for you. Stay Godly and do as He wills and grow in spiritual maturity daily.

May God make His face to shine upon you and give you peace.  Blessings to you in the name of Jesus.