28/11/2014 11:45


The Grace of our Lord is what sustains us every day.

Have you ever wondered why you are still here? 

When we are far from the Lord, we wander right to the edge of the pit of Hell and destruction of our soul yet many of us are still here when others we know who have done the same, are gone.

It is God's Grace that has kept us for His Good Purposes.

So turn to Him. Acknowledge what He has done for you and live for Him and His Good Purposes!

In blindness of His Ways and the knowledge of Him we walk far and stumble yet His hand has been outstretched to help us up again. Praise Him!

In your afflictions have you called to Him? Please do so.  Listen for His promptings and follow that Path.

Should you go to church this Sunday?  Should you speak to someone who knows the Lord?  Should you get on your knees and pour out your everything to Him? 

Whatever it is, do it!  The future of your soul is at stake and God is speaking to you now!

You have been walking the Path of Grace, but let us turn onto the Path of Faith and Grace.