Hard Headed, Straight Necked, Deluded

10/12/2015 10:36

Friend, examine your ways before the gaze of the Most High and Holy God, Jesus, the Word and Creator, Almighty in All Power.

Does He see a hard-headed, cold-hearted, unbending necked, deluded person?

What are your beliefs? Do they agree with Almighty God's or are they of human origin which we know from God's perspective, is flawed - having been influenced by the evil being that has been given our world as a principality.

God wants you to see Him in this flawed world. He is at work and His Majesty is to be found if we can discard the layers of delusion and come into the Light where He will guide and direct us into a personal relationship with Him and welcome you into the Kingdom of Heaven when your time on earth  is fulfilled.

Examine your soul and spirit, friend. It is an urgent thing to do this. Do not go down the same road getting the same results. Stop and ask for the Truth even if you think you already have the Truth.

If it does not say yes to Jesus as God, you must discard that belief.

Satan has many ways and religions and infiltrates even Christianity to disrupt and draw people away - all the while making them feel warm and fuzzy about their (phony) holiness.

We must have a personal relationship with Jesus and we must be willing to read his Word, the Holy Bible. King James Version (preferred as most factual) to be guided by the Holy Spirit.

When you get it, you really get it and nothing will turn you away from the Truth.