Hardness Must Go

03/05/2016 12:55

Friend, do you feel the Lord is allowing circumstances to break the hardness of your heart?

When you can recognize that the hardness of your heart is not completely gone, you are on the road to fullness in Jesus.

He takes us as we are, dirty, filthy, undesirable, unkind, unclean, undeserving, and with our permission; believing in Him, having faith; He begins to chip off areas of our heart, that we think we need to keep us grounded, or will protect us.

God wants us to be vulnerable before Him and trust Him. He will never harm His loved ones.

He desires we recognize our faults and allow Him to cleanly remove the offending bits, with His surgical precision.

Throughout our life, damage from the life we have lived, sometimes through no fault of our own, sometimes, wilfuly rebelling against Him, has caused great scars and sores to develop on our heart.

Jesus sees them and knows which ones to remove first so the others will be easier and easier to remove.

Trust Him to do a good work in your soul and spirit. He knows the way for you to go. He understands the hopelessness that comes with a hardened heart.

On the outside we are all bravado and positive but inwardlly we know we are a mess.  He is the Great Healer and He will, with our permisssion, pare away the offending bits that keep us from havng a full life of victory over our sin, and love in our hearts that is pure for our fellow sourjourning souls.

Just allow Him to be the keeper of your soul and when He cuts away the offending part, do not cry over it, but rejoice!

Yes, friend, the hardness must go. We must be open and vulnerable and contrite and repentant and humble before God.

He actually loves us this way. That is the soul He responds to favourably.