Have you caught "glimpses"?

14/08/2014 09:40

The Lord gives us glimpses of who He is and what the Kingdom is as we follow Him.

Friend, have you seen glimpses?  A glimpse, perhaps? 

It's like a lightning bolt that flashes across your thoughts while thinking and meditating on Him.

Cherish those my friend! They are Truth and meant to encourage you.  He met you at a certain point in your learning and that glimpse is all you could stand.  It is an acknowledgement from God that you are loved and worthy.

He has been merciful to you.  Thank Him.  Let that glimpse carry you on and forward to the Kingdom.  The thought was not yours but His Grace and Mercy showing you something you were ready to receive.  Do not take credit for it.

It was a Gift for you and you alone, from the lover of your soul to encourage you and enlighten you.

Receive and enjoy!