He Always Hears Us.

06/03/2016 11:18

Friend, in all your calling, praying and speaking to the Lord, are you confident that He hears you?

Many are the times that we do not hear Him, because we are not willing to wait for the answer.

To our detriment, we plough on thinking He has not heard; and in doing so we change the things He wanted to give or say because we enter a new way of thinking, or step out on a different path that is not part of His Perfect Plan for us.

When we believe in Him, no words spoken, groans uttered, or cries for help go unnoticed. His ear is always attuned to the ones He loves.

Our answer may take some time to be unfolded before us because it may involve others who are not believers and who will not do the Will of God. But, through it all He is working for our Good.

Where there seems to be no way for us, with God on our side, there is a Way. The impossible to us is not impossible for God. 

It may just take some time.

During these times of waiting and we have many of them, it behooves us to learn of Him by reading the Holy Scriptures where we will find, Grace, Mercy, Comfort, Love, and Truth for the day.

Knowing these Words is like immersing oneself in the most pristine clear lakewater and coming out comforted on the inside, ready to face the world again.

His Word brings Hope and Calm in the storm. It's always personal for you. It paints a picture of who we are called to be and in being that soul who obeys, we create pathways that God uses to accomplish our requests.

Take many daily doses of Holy Scripture and know that He is for you and will cause all things to come together for Good for you. Memorizing verses that empower you or speak to you of His Love enable you to use them in a situation you encounter when you don't have your Bible with you.

Never forget or disbelieve that He hears you and is working all things together for your and His good.