He Did Not Come To Condemn

02/09/2014 12:19

He came to renew us.  To give us a new life.  He came so we could be born again of the Spirit.

All life is His, how and why do some hate Him?

In Him we have a Savior. His work on the Cross gives to us a beautiful Gift.  Will you not accept it? New Life!

He is waiting to be gracious to those who recognize Him and seek to know Him even more than as a Saviour.

He wants to be your Lord.  Savior is great in and of itself - but many souls think that's all that is necessary.

This stage would be considered the infant, baby, toddler stage.  We know Him as Saviour and we bask in the delight of that knowledge. We're so happy to be saved from going to Hell.  We can spend years worshipping and thanking Him and there's nothing wrong with that. 

But, the Lord may require more from you.  He is not condemning you but He may be asking you to take further steps down the Path.  He knows you and sees the dross that needs to be burnt off.  He may be asking you to take a step that would benefit your life so much more. 

He's asking for spiritual growth.  He knows that no movement leads to stagnant thinking, and that leads to unbelief.  " God's done nothing for me, I've been worshipping, and praying for years and nothing has changed". 

Friend, like me, you should listen to Him so you will know what it is He is asking.  Maybe He wants you to look inwardly, not to condemn you, but to show you an area of your life that inhibits His ability to give you more.

None of us is perfect.  We all have things we say, think or do that need to change in order for us to grow in spiritual wisdom.  Once He helps us overcome, we can then be of use to others who need uplifting and encouraging in this same area.  This is how the Kingdom works here on earth.

God uses broken vessels that He has mended.  You can be a broken piece of clay that he has reshaped into an amazingly beautiful  work of art with the signature of Almighty God on it!