He is Merciful

25/09/2014 12:36

If you have to judge between Good and evil - which one is merciful?

When evil gets a hold on you it is never merciful!

If you think it is, or you have experienced mercy thinking it has come from something other than God, then my friend, you are incorrect in your thinking.

Only God is merciful.  Any mercy you ever receive - it is from a good God.

The very definition of evil is that it is not merciful.  It is relentlessly evil - horrifically terrible in all it's ways.  It will lead you into addiction so that Mercy is hidden away and cannot reach you because you are so addicted.

But, God can and will be merciful to you to show you that He is here and is standing beside you and trying to reach you.  Those glimpses of Mercy, are like Jesus shining the Light to say, "Here I am, come to Me, receive more Mercy and believe."