He Will Comfort You

29/09/2014 11:34

Yes, my friend, God will comfort you.

At any time we can shut out the world noises and listen to the soft voice within.  God's voice does not shout at us, it will not coerce us, it is a kind voice and always gentle.

To follow his Voice is to be rebuilt.  He will renew the mind and heart if we allow Him access and listen and obey. 

Guard this area of your life from the outside.  It should be precious to you that you have Jesus to guide and direct your path.  Listen to His every Word for you.  If He convicts you of wrongdoing or sin, acknowledge it and repent.  The quicker you do this action the more He speaks.  He knows the exact area to start in your life to begin to renew and until you acknowledge His Way for you and see with His eyes what He sees as sin in your life, He cannot move you forward to ever brighter and glorious times in the spirit.

This is what your soul desires.  Do not deny it the life it desires.

Be courageous and He will not fail you.  He rewards a steadfast disciple.  He has much to undo and much to teach you and much to reveal of Himself, in your short time here. 

Thank Him for the comfort of knowing Him and the counsel He will give to you and the blessings that are coming.