He Will Put A Smile On Your Face

18/09/2014 15:33


He will put a smile on your face!

Friend, if you haven't smiled lately, look to Jesus for the joy and happiness he offers.

Knowledge of Him brings you to a place where anxiety and fear are peeled away from your mind and left floundering on the ground, to dry up and wither away.

Step away from them.  Jesus is your Strong and Mighty Warrior.  He goes before you - just follow.  When evil sees Him, it runs.  Evil spirits know the Power He has and they will depart from you when you activate your faith in Christ.

You can say "Depart from me, every evil thing in the mighty name of Jesus.  I am His.  You have no power over me.  I choose Him."   Any words along these lines will bring you a power from Jesus to use over evil.

You can also say, "Get behind me, Satan in Jesus's name!"

Do not be afraid to use these words in your inner being and also spoken out loud when necessary. You must be filled with a love and have accepted the Gift of Salvation of the Lord Jesus - without the pureness of that love for Him, these words will have no effect.

There are some people who have found themselves in a dangerous place, about to be killed even, who never having had a relationship with Jesus, have called out to Him for help and it has come miraculously - in that one moment their spirit realized that only He could help them, and they connected powerfully with the Lord and He could not deny that connection.

But, we don't want to wait for that to be the catalyst that activates our faith.  Better to have the faith and knowledge now.

Knowing He is your Protector should put a smile on your face.  You can face anything the world has to offer.  Anxiety and fear should evaporate.

Bless you.