High Places

11/10/2016 11:50

Friend, we all have "high places" in our lives.

They are the lies we believe that keep us captive to sin and under the heavy hand of satan and his army of evil demonic forces.

They are at work night and day keeping us in chains of bondage for their pleasure.

They use us.

Today is a new day full of God's Mercy and Grace.

Today you can tear down the lies of the enemy and replace them with Truth.

When evil thoughts come, know from whom they originate, and speak Truth to them.

"I am a child of God. Jesus died for me to have Life. His Truth is my desire. He has my allegiance. Begone with your evil, I am no longer interested. Jesus rules my heart and mind, now and forever."

It's that simple.

Destroy books, movies and etc that tempts you or have a hold on you and do not obtain it ever again..

Evil always hangs around and tries to reenter your life, but there is Power in the Name of Jesus and His Blood. That Power is yours whenever you need it to overcome the high places of sin that you have allowed in your soul and spirit.

Be free from the clutches of evil, friend with the Help from on High that will lead you to Victory in Jesus.


 1. God loves you.

 2. Jesus shed His Blood for you.

 3. There is Power in the Blood of Christ for you.

 4. Truth is contained in God's Holy Word - The Bible.

 5. God's Promises for you are True.

 6. Forgiveness is real and it is yours to claim

 7. Evil uses our thoughts to keep us in bondage.

 8. Fight back thoughts with the Promises of God.

 9. Decide to keep your thoughts bowed to the truth.

10.Confront the inward lies with Truth.

When we recognize the captor and realize we are the captive, we have an oppotunity to be victorious over the enemy.

Jesus didn't carry out the Plan of the Father for you to remain a captive.

He died to set you free from satan.

Take advantage of that fact.

You are infused with Power from on High to fight off evil in your own life.

We must start with our "self" before we can veture out into the world fighting evil.

When you are strong in your faith God may use you in the public arena, but He is equipping you to cleanse your own soul, right now.