High Tower

18/04/2016 18:41

Friend, do you agree that the Lord is your High Tower?

King David realized that He is the High Tower that he (king David) could go to and be safe from his adversaries.

In the High Tower we can rest and gather our thoughts; listen to the Lord's guidance; and be comforted and regroup.

It is in the High Tower that we get new ideas for all kinds of issues, things and situations that will help us move forward in line with the Will of God.

When something is blocking you or you need to solve something, the Lord is waiting for you to come into the High Tower so that your answer can be revealed to you.

King David obviously experienced this.

His words for our Wonderful and Amazing Lord Jesus are as follows: my Rock, my Fortress, my Deliverer, my God, my Stronghold, my Refuge, my Shield, my Salvation, my High Tower.

God is waiting to be these things for you as well.

He has said in His Word, through His servant, king David, that He is these Personifications for us!

He wants us to think of Him in this way.

We don't need separate mini gods to be these things for us as in other man made religions.

He is our All in All. Name above All Names. Almighty God.