His Gift - What We All Need

28/10/2014 19:15

The Lord's Gift to us is His Spirit that lives within our soul.

He is never far from us.

We can speak to Him at any time, be it a time of need or thanksgiving.  He is there within, ready to listen to anything we have to say. 

Do you have questions?  Ask Him whatever you want to ask - He will guide you as time goes on and you will know what to ask for as you mature in Him.  But, for now if you are new to believing, just ask Him anything.  Your answer will come according to the depth of your soul's need to know.

Tell Him your problems as you see them.  He will help you to see - even as you speak -  the solution to your problem.

According to your need, as He sees it in the perfect picture of His Will, He will reveal to you layers and layers of old ways and thoughts - that need to be discarded.

He will show you how to prune your garden that is your soul so that you can shine with beauty and peace and love.

As you remove the dead leaves and dried up blossoms and rotten fruit He willl reward you with more and more of Himself.  His Spirit will walk freely in your soul garden and you will realize you have His Gift, and it's all you need for your life's journey.