His Justice Will Be Perfect

27/11/2016 21:34

Friend, have you thought about the Justice of the Lord?

Oh, it must be Perfect!

It will be Amazing and Fearsome!

When we look at the Cross and realize that He did not spare His Son in order for His Perfect Will and Law to be carried out; in order for sinners to be redeemed to Himself, we have to know that His Justice will be Perfection beyond what we could imagine.

Think about this aspect of God.

How Holy - Perfect He is.

He has All The Power.

Humans have power, but only that which is allowed, and only to the degree that is allowed, by All Powerful God.

He is in Full Control.

We are foolish to think that because there are wars and diseases, God is not in control or doesn't care.

No, He is allowing us free will and look what we do with it.

We are our own enemy. The evil we allow to overtake us, is our enemy.

We cause all this mayhem and we blame God!

But, friend, His Justice will be Perfect.

We will stand in awe of Him and not be able to look away at how Glorious His Countenance is.

We will instantly understand that he is the Highest Form of Goodness, and all Good comes from Him.

We will see the Purity of Him and His Actions, Law and Love.

And, we will know that He is Just.

Friend, to know and understand these facts about God this side of eternity is far better than to find out at the Judgement.

Today we all have a choice.

He has laid out what our choice is.

He sent His Son. He Sacrificed His Son. He shed His Son's Blood for us. He Loves His Son.

Those who will not accept the Sacrifice make a choice to follow the evil one and they will have a fate according to Holy Law.

His Justice will be Perfect you can be assured.