His Sacrifice For Me

13/09/2016 11:24

Friend, Jesus could have said to all Heaven and Earth that He would shed His Blood as the Perfect unspotted Lamb for all but me, or you.

He could have said, "Father, all but that one!"

But, He didn't.

He included you and me in that Sacrifice.

It behooves us to understand that.

He died for our sins.

He suffered for our sins. The Bible tells us how He was abused and tortured and terrorized. His physical pain was great - yet He didn't deserve any of it.

At any time He could have said, "Father, no I will not. Enough!" and He would have been rescued.

But He knew what The Plan was, and He took it upon Himself to carry it out; for you and me, friend.

He took all the punishment upon Himself that was required by Holy Father God for all of our sins to be paid in full; for all those under the New Covenant put in place on the earth at the time of His Birth, and fulfilled at the time of His Death and Resurrection.

He did not sin. He was Pure before God and this is why only He is able to pay for our sin.

He was sinless.

There is none other who will ever be able to do this.

It will not be done again. It was done once for all and stands as a Testament to us of the Love, Wisdom and Truth of God Almighty.

He did not deserve to pay the price. We did.

But God does not want those who love Him to suffer for eternity under satan, so He made a Way for them to have Eternal Life, abundant and joyful under the care of our Lord and Protector, Jesus.

The Holy Son stepped forward in Heaven and said He would go.

When He uttered the Words, "It Is Finished" He was indicating that the New Covenant had been locked into Law.

God's Plan for the Redemption of those who would recognize their need for a Saviour and who were ready to turn their backs on evil and face God; would have a Way to be reconciled to the One Who gave them their soul and spirit within.

Jesus died for those souls.

He is our Intercessor in Heaven before the Father. He knows all who call Him Saviour, and we hear His Voice. We are convicted of the sin in our lives and we listen when He speaks of how to overcome.

Friend, be assured, no matter what your sins, if you are willing to be reconciled to the Father through Jesus the Son, you can be. The Way has been cleared for all your sins to be forgiven if you will make the choice to follow Jesus and turn from evil.

Meditate on the Greatness of God, no matter what your earthly circumstances are.

They are nothing when you look at eternity.