His Way Is The Perfect Way

18/09/2014 15:00

His Way is the Perfect Way.

When we learn this, we are set free from so much that the world throws at us.

No matter what is happening we should never think we are being singled out for pain, suffering, sorrow and abuse by the Lord - it is just some of what evil seeks to use to destroy us.

All of what evil uses against us is meant to manipulate our heart and mind into denying Jesus.

We hear from Christian people how loving Jesus is and how He cares for His flock.  Then we see that they too along with the rest of us, receive their fair share of pain and suffering.

Satan tries to make us believe that belief in Jesus is a lie and laughable, when in actuality it is satan himself who is a liar and laughable when you learn who Jesus is, and He has taken up the place of glory in your heart.

Things become much clearer when we see through the eyes of Christ, because we become filled with knowledge and wisdom through the reading of His Word - and we have the counsel of the Holy Spirit to discern and guide us into all knowledge and wisdom.

We begin to see that His way is all we need to pray for.  It is the perfect Way and by leaving our desires by the wayside and focusing on His Way, we walk the Perfect Path. 

Will there be pain and suffering?  Yes, but it will still be the Perfect Path!  Suffering will be softened with the tender care and kindness of Christ who loves us.

We have lived without Him so we have created many meandering valleys of strife for ourselves that Christ has to extricate us from. He does not wave a magic wand.  While we're here we have to learn of Him and those paths we went down were away from Him.  We must walk back and it is how fast we can leave all those paths of old thoughts, old habits, old addictions behind that He will erase those paths and valleys.

Many of us are able to go "cold turkey" when we are saved by Jesus, give up whatever our old thinking has been and immediately begin to get on the new Path.  We actively seek it and are rewarded for it. Many others struggle.

Which will you be?

His Way is the Perfect Way, never forget that.  Use it as your mantra for those times when you are tempted to go another way to avoid what you think is pain or unsufferable.

Be strong, be courageous.  Your soul is depending on your heart and mind to get it to Heaven!