Hope Conquers

19/02/2016 11:20

Friend, always have Godly Hope.

Never give up on anything good that you know God approves of.

If you're walking through a storm right now, start the fire of hope with that first spark. Hope is everything.

It will see you through trying times.

God loves you and has a Plan for you. Walk through the fire and be filled with Hope.

Believe and never let go of your love for Jesus. He will make a Way where there seems to be no way.

The Hope of the world, Jesus, is our King and He knows of all our problems. Light that spark of Hope, and keep it alight.

Evil hates Hope. It cannot overcome Hope!

So friend, have Hope.

Fill your mind with the Hope that God gives to you so that you drive out all the negativity. He will strengthen you through Hope.

Love Hope, encourage Hope, and be filled with Hope.

Allow Hope to teach you the Truth.

You can bear Godly Truth when you know you have Hope.

God bless you on your spiritual journey!