Hope Of The World

21/12/2014 19:33

He came into the world as our Hope.

It is hope that keeps us alive.  Without Hope we do not want to live. 

When our everything has been taken from us by the evil one - we need to look up and see that Hope is there.

Hope never leaves us.  We at times do leave hope behind.  We say we have no hope in our lives, but that is not the Truth.  Hope is there always.

Jesus is our Hope.  He came so that we would have it, and abundantly at that.  Look to Him and be filled with Hope.

He came humbly to show He is the Humble King and able to identify with our humanity.  But He is coming again as the Victorious King and all will see with their own eyes that He holds all the Power and deserves all the Glory in Heaven and earth.  

He is the Hope of the World.