15/12/2015 20:27

Friend, the Hope of the world was born to us in the form of Jesus, Immanuel.

Believers celebrate His birth with gladness in their hearts because He is the Author of Hope.

He makes Hope possible for us. Without His birth, most of us were eternally enslaved to satan. There were very few who believed in Almighty God.  He came for all of us, even the ones who believed in God the Father.

He is the Perfect Holy Sacrifice for all - if they accept His Sacrifice for them.

Even in our weakness we can have a glimmer of hope and it can grow as the Holy Spirit guides and teaches.

The one thing that makes a difference in our lives is when we come alive to the fact that Jesus died for us to have eternal life. When we believe that, things start happening and the things we hoped for begin to become reality in our inner spirit. One day, we look back and see we have come a long way and yet we didn't realize we were becoming this new creature who believes and has a solid foundation of Goodness that the Holy Spirit is building on, renewing the mind and heart.

One day, the tongue confesses that "Jesus is Lord" and we realize it is Truth and Beauty to our soul.

All this borne from a hope that at first was hidden then welled up in us as a seeking to know and eventually grew into belief.

The little seed of Hope, placed in each of us that will grow if we allow it.