How He Loves Us

11/04/2015 12:08

Friend, are you lonesome, feeling unloved, depressed about your life?

I can say without any  doubt, "God loves you!"  He does!

Open your heart and mind to receive the love He has for you and your loved ones.

Be the catalyst for change and a new life in the company of believers who through Christ in them, will love you also.

So, you have a big family of people who love you just waiting to join with your spirit to worship and praise the One who loves us all.

Friend, He has chosen you today to tell you He loves you.  He asks you to be open to what He has in store for you.

He wants to teach and guide you just as He did the Disciples.  He walked  amongst the lowly people and found the true hearts who were wanting to know God.  He gathered them together as a little band of followers and taught them about His Father and how to pray and heal the sick and how to baptize and teach and grow more followers who were seeking Truth and God.

Is this you?  Are you seeking God?  Are you ready to grow in belief?  Will you be a follower and not a leader of His teachings?  Can you be a conduit that God can use?

He has much to do in this world and He has brought you to this place to find Him and to begin to know Him in a way that you never knew existed.

He chooses the humble, those not seeking fame or fortune, to be a blessing to the hurting and lost.  And He chooses the ones who are hungry for His Word, also, because they will be diligent and learn from the Word and be able to guide others to His Word; where they will see for themselves that He loves them, and has made a Way for them to be reunited with Him in Paradise.