How Many Times

29/07/2016 06:34

Friend, if you are not a believer; how many times must God touch your life, speak to you, or reveal His Son to you?

Look back and you will know that He has worked tirelessly to bring you to Himself.

He sees the roads you have travelled, the paths full of thorns, and the paths that satisfied all your lusts and cravings.

But He knows who the party is that dug it's clutches into you and lulled you into your present state of rebellion against Him.

He is willing to forgive you for following after the father of lies and corrupt deeds.

He presents His Love to you, once more.

Today is the day where you can receive forgiveness for your sins that are against God and no one else.

You have been trapped by the evil one and this is your chance to be free.

From your vantage point, can you see the Cross where God's Son died so you may be free?

Don't wait another minute.

Accept the Gift of God. His Son is your Saviour and Redeemer.

Give Him, His Rightful place of honour in your soul.

Ask Him to "take the wheel".