How To Find God

15/07/2016 10:11

Friend, God has already chosen you.

The spirit within your body is His Creation and Gift to you.

Now, you must wake up and speak to Him.

Show Him your willingness to know Him.

Be available to learn of the One Who is the Owner of your soul.

Yes, He is the One Who decides your future.

Just because you run about and make choices in life, does not mean you are the one who will decide where your soul will go when the body is worn out.

You may believe that there is no God, but that doesn't mean this is Truth.

You may accumulate great wealth and think having many great and wonderful things will impress a God whom you have never deigned to recognize. No friend, God has told us that only recognition of His Son, The Only Blood Sacrifice, as the Saviour of our souls, is the One True Way to Eternal Life.

You may be able to afford to have your body put in suspended animation until the illness that destroyed your body, can be overcome by new medical discoveries. No, this is a waste and a fraud as far as the eternal destiny of your soul is concerned. It's just trying to have eternal life without accepting the Son as Redeemer.

Maybe you believe in God, but don't know anything about Him other than He is God. This too is another denial of the Son.

None of the above beliefs will get you into the Kingdom of God after your physical body death.

Accepting Jesus as the Son of God is the hardest thing for an unbeliever to do.

This alone shows us that it must hold great value to God; when we do not want to bow the knee to Him; going to great lengths to avoid Jesus.

Satan and his army of demons have a mandate and that is to never allow any human to accept Jesus as the Son of God. If they can keep us otherwise occupied in doing and hearing their agendas, we will die without ever having heard the Great News; that Jesus the Son of God, died for our sins and made a Way for us to be reunited with our Creator.

God asks you today, " Will you learn of Me? My Love for you is Pure. I Am Trustworthy. You have wandered far from Me and there is much renovation to be done to your soul. Join with Me, let us have a personal relationship."