Humble And Obedient

08/06/2016 21:21

Friend, do you know that God requires all people to be humble before Him?

Arrogant and proud people do not have His attention.

It is for our good that He requires this stance before Him.

It is not because He wants to lord it over us. No, He sees that evil lurks in the proud and arrogant heart.

When we humble our heart and mind and acknowledge our need for Him, His Love is activated towards us.

So many people think that God, Jesus and Holy Spirit are just figments of other's imaginations but those of us who have personally experienced this Great Love, are truly blessed. And we have God's ear. He listens.

We know because He answers our prayers in ways that never occurred to us, and would never have ooccured to us!

This is why we praise Him. It's like saying, "Good one, Lord."  He surprises us and the beauty of the Way He works things together for good for us is so amazing that we are stunned; astonished.

Have you experienced this phenomenon, in your own life, friend?

If not, all you need to do is be obedient and humble your proud spirit before Holy God.

The world tells us to scramble to be better than the next person. We see so much of it these days.

We all need to bring our haughtiness down a notch every day.

In all Truth, we are nothing without God, so He deserves the reognition that He is above us.

When we truly understand this concept and know that God loves us, He is able to reveal wonderful things to us that will bless us abundantly in life.

Decide today, to be obedient to His Will.