Humility Is The Key To OverComing

16/03/2015 10:42

Friend, are you having a hard time in believing or overcoming something the Lord has put on your heart to be rid of?

Humility of the mind and heart, is key.

Satan's demons attack us in the area of pride and envy and they hold that ground covertly.  They allow you to think you have control when in fact it is they, the demons who drive you and steer the course of your life.

When you humble yourself of "self" with the power of the Lord's help, you will succeed in overcoming.

Demons will have no control over you if you show them that you do not care about pride and you do not envy worldly things.  Suddenly their power is gone.

With the help of Jesus and the Holy Spirit you will succeed.

The following is a little piece that was written by Amma Theodra centuries ago.

A hermit who could cast out demons asked them, "Is it fasting that gives me power to banish you?"

The demons replied, "We do not eat."

He asked, "Is it vigils?"

The demons replied, "We do not sleep."

He asked, "Is it retreat from the world?"

The demons replied, "We live in the deserts."

He asked, "What is it then, that gives me power over you?"

The demons replied, "Nothing can overcome us but humility."

From experience, I have found this to be true.  Have I mastered humility?  No, but I try to be working on it always as it truly does work, and with the Lord's help, knowing His Word, like this favourite, " I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,"  I will be an overcomer of evil and so can you.