I Am With You

15/12/2015 09:09

Friend, as a believer in Christ Jesus, we have the assurance that He, (God) is with us at all times, in everything we face.

He is the One who sees ahead when we see but through a darkened glass.

When we are in the storm of life, He is there and will show us the Way out. He will be the One who we can cling to when the waves overpower us and try to drag us into despair.

Never forget, He is with you.

The thing we must face or weather, He has allowed, and in it, He wishes to grow our spiritual muscles and prove that He is Love. He will show you how to overcome the evil that has beset your life.

Just trust Him.

We can have His Divine help when we let Him be the Leader of our soul. Let Him take the driver's seat for your life. Just be happy that you have found Him and go forth each day into the world to be a blessing and He will be with you always.

He is the Helper of the helpless, so He can help you, and He is willing. 

Are you?