"I believe in myself," he said.

11/09/2014 12:31

"I believe in myself. There is no God." he said.

Is this not the most foolish thing anyone can say?  Yet there are multitudes of people who actually believe this.

Their thoughts are so much higher than God's! Their ways are so much better than God's! Their choices are so much better than God's!

Really?  This sounds like an infant speaking.  How full of oneself he must be to make a statement like that. 

The part of this statement that is abhorrent to God is the "There is no God" part.  Of course we should believe in our abilities but with the knowledge that God brings all things together for His good. 

All good comes from God.  You do nothing by yourself that is truly good.  To the world it may seem so but God knows the heart of man and it is there that "good" is identified.  What to us may seem like a good deed may be to God a ploy to "get" something in some way.  He can discern between bone and marrow and get to the Truth even though we may deny His judgement of this fact. 

The world today tells us that we must believe in self, we must seek to better our "self" and to put self first.

But, when we look to self as it's own god we set ourselves up for failure spiritually.  There is no room for Jesus to be a Saviour.  Self says it does not need a Saviour, it is it's own saviour.  However, if you are your own saviour and you find after death that there is a God and you have been selfish your whole life you will find that you cannot be judged with the saints (believers). 

Your choice was made to be your own and God allowed that.  It is too late after death to say, "Hold on, wait a minute, I see now that my way was not the correct path, but I am a good person, never hurt a fly loved nature, blah, blah, blah, so I think I should be given the same chance as that sinner over there wearing a robe that says he is righteous when I know he is not."

No, friend, it won't work like that.  Now is your time to put self aside and focus on Jesus.  Learn of Him and make an informed choice.  Your views on Christ and who He is and what He did and why He did it, may not be correct according to the Truth. 

Humble yourself entirely and ask God to show you who He is.  At any time you can say, "No, this is not for me."  God does not conquer unwilling souls.  He is so Great and Mighty that when we really see who He is, we realize He doesn't need us.  He is just being Merciful and Gracious to us.

It is up to us to say, "I am willing, Lord."

Many cannot do this.  Many will not do this. It is only the truly brave who do.

Weakness of mind and spirit will keep you from eternal life, my friend.  Determine to address your spirituality and get on board. Like the song says, "There's a train a-coming."

Our life ends when our time is up.  "There's a train a-coming!"