If Only You Knew

22/06/2018 21:22

Friend, if only you knew how much you are loved by The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Understanding what they have put in place for you, a sinner according to God's Law and Will, would prove to your mind and heart that Holy All Encompassing Love is yours; if only you understood!

The Father's Love is so Amazing to know and receive.

All it takes is for us to open our heart and mind to His Son's Sacrifice on The Cross.

To rise each morning knowing that His (The Trinity's) Mercy is new; a new day  - the past is the past.

To walk in Grace as we attempt to be Good.

To feel the Love of God all day in our spirit; Almighty God conscious of each one of us and sending Love to us to comfort, heal, bless, guide, teach (and more,) us in the Way that we are able to understand by our spirit.

Imagine walking in Holy Love, guarded by Holy Angels so as not to stumble, the Holy Spirit singing songs of Deliverance over you; the Holy Father showering you with blessings, and Jesus Forgiving your every sinful thought and act. 

And now think about your reality. 

How you have denied the existemce of The Holy Trinity; how you refuse to listen to Them; how you have defiantly chosen to go your own way; how you chase after the "things" (ideas, entertainments, luxuries, etc.) of this world; how you persecute the children of God on this earth left here to be a witness of Holiness to you; how you mock the Cross, Jesus and Salvation; how you hate to hear the Word of God spoken, and will not read it; how you abhor those who stand for Goodness; how you get angry when anything or anyone Godly speaks; how you just will not surrender your will to The Will and Law of God.

Now do you understand how God, Who has given you the Free Will Gift to deny Him cannot get through the barriers you have erected?

It is your choice to be who you are and God thinks it is foolish, but He allows you to do so.

He doesn't want to take anyone kicking and screaming.

It's only to Hell we will go kicking and screaming, for Mercy.

But that day will have come and gone. 

Our life here on earth is the time to beg for Mercy.

Once we die our chance to be Redeemed will have gone.

This life is the one where we are to find Mercy and Salvation through God's Forgiveness offered by the Sacrifice of His Son (Himself) on the Cross to obtain Salvation for those who would believe, and be reunited with the Father.

The Spirit asks you now, "Will you, child, repent of your past beliefs and sins and follow Jesus with all your heart?"