Impulsive Actions

17/07/2016 07:07


Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an Everlasting Rock.  Isaiah 26:4

He is the Rock of Truth, the Rock of All Law, of Love, of Perfection in Purity and Holiness.

He is All in All.

Throughout the day, look to Him and lean on Him.

When those impulsive urges of yours begin to rise; those passionate thoughts begin to take hold, stop and take a moment to clear them with Holy God.

Ask Him if what you intend to do or say is what would please Him.

In that fog of thought, you must allow Him to speak to your heart and mind.

He will save you from making bad decisions, from taking the wrong road.

His Plans for you are Good. He wants only to give you Life.

He will guide you from the messes into the Light.

Allow Him to begin to cleanse your mind and heart from evil.

He sees where all the demons lurk and which one to cut out first and how to get rid of them forever and He will do so when you allow Him access to a humbled spirit - yours.