In All Things

01/04/2015 12:08

Friend, in all things, turn to the One who cares.  The One who loves you and cares for your soul.  The Kind One.  The Good One. The All-knowing One. The One who has all the Power over Heaven and earth.

The Ultimate, Supreme, Magnificent, God who is Law, Truth, Love; whose Son is our Peace and Saviour from the darkness of this world.

He is the Light in the midst of our darkness. In that Light, we are bathed in security, we are cleansed - ready to go back into the world. We are fulfilled, our soul is encouraged; we are uplifted in spirit; we are loved by the Father and the Peace of God transcends all the horror and madness that threatens to envelop us.

Stay close to Jesus and commune with Him and listen.  See in your mind's eye what He has to reveal to you. Stay in that moment and find the Truth & Victory.

The angels rejoice when you allow the Lord to be your Strong & Mighty Warrior and you get the victory that He came to give you, because every defeat is important.  Your spiritual journey is God's gift to you.

Rejoice and thank Him.