In Him You Are Already Approved.

16/08/2014 13:59

Do you believe in God's Son, Jesus?

Then you have been approved by the Father!  The Holy Spirit is aware of your soul and you have been given into His care, for your journey through the rest of your life here.

Know that Jesus loves you.  Your sins are forgiven. 

Accept with  humility your forgiveness.  The Lord paid the price for it.  You owe Him your gratitude and love for so great a Gift.

The Spirit will strive with and for you as you encounter the realities of daily life.  You have left debris in your wake from the life you have been living before your encounter with Christ.

There are obstacles to overcome, new paths to take in learning and conditioning the mind, spirit and body.

When the trials and obstacles come, remember they are from the devil.  Just know, that you are approved by God, and trusing in His Will in the matter will bring about the result that Christ who has the big picture, has designed for your journey.  Those evil stabs and jabs can be turned to ashes, and from those ashes God can make a beautiful perfume.

See your self enveloped in that beauty from the ashes of the sinful attack and follow Jesus's lead.

To find out what his desire for you is you will need to go to the Holy Bible.  Every word in it has a meaning for you, and your situation if you allow it to speak to your humble heart.  A proud heart will miss the meaning and the message.

Just remember and rebuke the devil by saying " In Christ Jesus the son of Almighty God, I am approved, and accepted as a member of His Kindgom which will reign in victory when God calls " time". Depart from me, a believer!"

Bless you, brothers and sisters in Christ.