In The Quietness

24/09/2014 11:05

In the quietness He speaks to us.

The thoughts and noise in our minds are a barrier to hearing His Words.

He wills we have an abundant life full of joy and meaning but satan seeks to destroy that life and does all in his power to kill us at an early age - just as he, through Herod during the early years of Jesus's life, killed off all the male babies. Herod sought to kill the new King (Jesus) he had heard about from the three kings who had stopped in to tell Herod about the star they were following that would lead them to the new King who had been born.

We must learn to quiet our minds, to be still before the Lord.  He wants to minister to us.  Daily love and blessings are flowing from Him.  When we connect with Him in love for Him, we are connecting to the all encompassing supply of everything we need in life and in the afterife to come.

He has plans for us and until we are fulfilling the Plan, walking on the Path for that Plan, we are just letting our "self" (soul) down, and of course we are letting Him down.  We cannot harm His Work in us, but we can be the soul who delays our own Salvation, or who rejects Him.

It's all about obedience to his Will and Plan for you.

Have no fear to follow Him and do His Will as He guides and directs.  He is Good and works for His Good all the time.  He cannot fail.  You can fail, but He cannot. 

In the quietness He speaks to you, my friend.