In The Silence

06/04/2016 22:09

Friend, it is imperative that we learn to be still and be silent before the Lord.

This is where He speaks and we can truly hear the "secrets" that are just for us. The ones that show us the Way, that enlighten our deepest doubts, that fill us with newfound knowledge which engender Holy joy.

There is so much Jesus can accomplish with us when we are silent and still before Him.

Find that place and make the time to allow this to become a regular part of your communication with Him. It is a form of worship; laying humbly before Him , focused on Him and receiving from Him.

Yield to the Beauty and Truth that is Jesus. Listen for His answers to your life's problems; your questions about the Kingdom, His Godhood, life eternal, even what you do not understand about evil.

You will get your answers when He sees that you are ready to receive.

Listen attentively. Never question His Truth. But find a Way to understand by asking all your little insignificant questions.

He will answer.