Interruptions To Life

20/07/2015 13:00

Friend, has your life been interrupted?

Stop and find God in it.  What is He asking of you?  What is He showing you?

He has allowed something to happen and He is there for you to turn to.  He wants you to recognize Him in the interruption.

Many times it can be God answering a deep call from your heart.  Something you haven't even verbalized. 

He is saying, "I AM."  "See Me in this situation."  "What good there is, comes from My Hand."  "I love you and want to have a relationship with you."  "I want to save you from the doom you are headed for in eternity."  "Seek Me and I will be your God."

Do you hear Him, friend?

Does He have to turn your life upside down for you to acknowledge Him?  Why go on and allow evil to be your mentor with it's insincere words and guidance in the ways of the world that only leads to eternal damnation?

Picture two sets of train tracks.  Both headed in the same direction for now, but at the last stop you get off and go in a different direction than the other people on the train running paralel with yours.

On your train there are many people all well fed and dressed, with great riches perhaps, happy, contented, enjoying the journey with great merriment.  You knew there was an undercurrent in other carriages of angry and mean spirited people, even outright evil people but until they entered your carriage to bother others, it did not matter to you.

Your carriage, your "little world" is full of happiness and you don't care what others do. 

But, friend, hell will not leave you to being happy.  You have been deceived and not accepted God Almighty's Son as your Saviour and you now are alone at the Great Judgement and have no worthwhile plea to present to God in order to be accepted into Heaven.

He will show you the errors you made and you will admit He is Supreme and His Law is Perfect.

Why not admit this fact now so you can pull the cord for the train you are on to stop, and you can run and jump on the other train that is headed to Paradise?