Is He your Confidant?

23/07/2014 11:48

Confidant: one who can be trusted when you tell them your secrets - someone you can confide in .

When we have a confidant, we hope it will be someone who will not act against us when they hear our confession.

Is there anyone in this world who would do this for you - if you were to tell them your secrets?

Perhaps you have no secrets.  You live openly and say to hell with the world if it judges you or condemns you in any way for something you say or do.

It is not you I speak to at this moment.

If you have inner pain from childhood abuses, lack of parental love, divorce, illness, and you are ready to let go of that pain without creating any brou-ha-ha in the family then find a moment and allow yourself to speak to the Lord Jesus about your pain.

He wants to hear you, and comfort you and put you on a path to mental and physical well-being.  He knows the depths of your non-understanding of the situation for you were a child.  He wants to show you that you can overcome and be healed.  He knows the depths of the scarring and how you have tried to live through it without Him.  He sees the monumental strength it has taken to continue living.  He sees every thing.  He is your Confidant in these matters. 

You can be healed.  It doesn't have to own you anymore.  Share it all with Him then gather it all and place it at the bottom of the Cross.  Thank Him for taking the burden from you and ask Him to give you beauty from the ashes of that burden.   He will begin to renew you if you always remember you gave it to Him.  Do not take it back! 

He is a skilled surgeon and the wound will heal.

Bless you, friend.